Danielle Reid

Property Manager

Always ready for a challenge, Danielle Reid is a driven, passionate and motivated Junior Portfolio Manager who strives to provide six star customer service each and every time. She has 1.5 years of experience in the real estate industry and enjoys that no two days are ever the same. Based in the Elders Brunswick Valley office, and being brought up in the area, she loves the beachside culture and the interesting people that call this area home. Dani is a reliable, professional and friendly property manager with a high attention to detail, able to provide expert advice to maximise rental returns and find suitable homes for tenants. Her easygoing nature allows her to build rapport quickly and form lasting relationships founded on an understanding of trust, respect and honesty. Danielle is proud to work for Elders Brunswick Valley, who not only offer support for their clients, but also a nurturing environment for her to excel.