Conditions of “Holiday Tenancy”


These conditions apply to all properties. For non web booking/enquiries: Upon payment being received for a holiday booking, that is confirmation that the holiday terms and conditions have been accepted. 


Conditions of Holiday Tenancy:

  1. Deposit: Within 3 days of making the booking, a deposit amounting to 50% of the total tariff and a $15.00 booking fee must be paid; If the deposit is not paid, the booking will automatically be cancelled.
    The deposit comprises part of the total tariff payable.
    Bookings for less than 7 days must be paid for in full when booked.
    *Tenants re-booking for the same period each year have 1 month to pay the 50% deposit, pending booking period and owner approval.
  2. Balance:
    For off Season bookings the balance of the total tariff is to be paid One week prior to the booking commencement date.
    Bookings Made for School holidays, Easter, Festival and Christmas Periods are to be paid in full One Month Prior to Arrival.
  3. Security Bond:
    Each booking requires credit card details to be provided. A security bond may also be required depending on the property and booking dates. The security bond amount varies from $500.00-$1000.00. If the property is unaltered, left in the original condition and has no excess cleaning/rubbish fees, then the deposit will be refunded within 14 working days. If these requirements are not adhered to the bond or credit card will be charged accordingly.
  4. Cancelled, terminated or altered bookings by guests:
    A cancellation fee of $100-00 + forfeited $15.00 booking fee will apply under ANY and ALL circumstances.

    • If the property is relet for the total period formerly booked by you, the cancellation fee only will be charged and the balance refunded within 14 days.
    • If the property is NOT relet for the total period formerly booked by you, the deposit received will not be refunded.
    • Changes or alterations of the booking, including shortening the term or changing property; the same conditions apply as a cancelled booking.
    • Termination due to clauses: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or for any unlawful activities, will result in immediate eviction; no refund will be given.
  5. Booking Tariff Fee:
    Booking Tariff fee of $15.00 is due for each individual booking per booking and is non negotiable. The booking tariff is forfeited upon cancellations (refer to clause 4).
  6. Advanced bookings:
    Bookings may be made up to 12 months in advance. Current tenants in the property, have first priority and have until there vacated date to re-book for next year.
    Re-booking is subject to availability. Depending on the type of year (eg. Easter, school holidays) the dates may change and re-booking for certain times of year may not be available. We cannot guarantee the property will be available to re-book.  Should this occur, every reasonable endeavor will be made to find alternative accommodation
    *Tenants with bookings under 7 nights may not re-book unless booking in for 7 nights or over (subject to availability and approval).
  1. Bookings for under 7 nights:
    Bookings for under 7 nights cannot be booked until at least 2 weeks prior to the desired dates. These bookings are subject to approval, and individual properties vary in the required minimum nights.
    Agent has the right to reject bookings and ask for a set amount of days depending on the type of year.
    *None of our properties offer 1 night stays.
  2. Keys:
    Keys will not be made available until ALL monies have been paid in full. Arrangements for the collection of keys outside of office hours should be made prior to arrival.
  3. Check-in:
    Occupation commences from 11:00am on the date of arrival, keys are to be collected from our office, unless late check in.
    *11:00am check in cannot always be guaranteed and the Real Estate is not liable for any delays eg. Due to cleaning staff.
  4. Check-out:
    The property must be vacated AND KEYS RETURNED TO OUR OFFICE by 9:00am on the day of departure. A $50-00 per hour penalty fee will be charged for late check-outs.
    *Late check-out is only available if pre-organised. Late check-out is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Number of persons:
    The numbers of occupants MUST NOT EXCEED the number agreed to with the agent at the time of booking. The premises must be kept clean at all times. A breach of this condition will permit the owner to refuse a key, amend the rental or immediately terminate the tenancy (with no refund given).
  6. The Term:
    The premises are rented for holiday purposes only. The property is not to be used for functions, parties or schoolies ETC. If it is found that the premises intend to be used for such purposes, keys will be refused and/or the booking terminated (no refund given).
  7. No Pets:
     Animals and pets are not allowed on or inside the premises under any circumstances. If it is found that a pet or animal is being kept at the premises without permission, then the tenancy may be terminated (with no refund given).
    *This clause is irrelevant for Advertised Pet Friendly Properties.
  8. Noise Pollution:
    Noise pollution is a punishable offence by Law and as such as we reserve the right to immediately terminate the tenancy for any breach of this condition. FUNCTIONS AND PARTIES ARE NOT PERMITTED. A security company may be called to investigate complaints of excessive noise or anti-social behavior incurring a charge of up to $200 for call-out. Security may evict guests from the premises, and the real estate also have the right to terminate the booking.
    Refer to termination policy (no refund given).
  9. No Smoking:
    Smoking is not permitted inside any of our properties.
  10. Bookings cancelled/altered by the agent
    Bookings are accepted by us in good faith as agents for the property owners. We cannot be held responsible for actions taken by the owner of the premises or other occurrences that are outside of our control that involve the property becoming unavailable, altered or tariff changes. The agent reserves the right to cancel a clients booking  without giving a reason or providing alternative accomodation. Other examples include but are not limited to:
  • If the property becomes unavailable/ your booking is cancelled by the agent (reason does not have to be disclosed).
  • If the property is sold;
  • The tariff is increased prior to your occupation;
  • The property is altered in any way;
  • Malfunction of any inventory items;
  • The property is withdrawn for letting.
  • Should this occur, every reasonable endeavour will be made to find alternative accommodation.
  1. Property Representation:
    We accept no responsibility for misdescription of the property, particularly with regard to telephone or postal bookings (see Clause 4 for cancelled bookings – No refund will be given).
  2. Left Over belongings:
    No responsibility is taken by the agent or the owners for tenants’ personal property. If any items are left at the premises, they will be kept at the office for 1 week before being disposed of. If the tenant would like the items posted back, the charges for the post will be charged to the credit card on file as well as a $5.00 admin fee.
  3. Breakages and damage:
    As the tenant you are responsible for all damages, breakages and loss incurred during the term of your occupancy. These are to be reported and paid for or replaced.
  4. Cleaning:
    The premises are to be left clean and tidy, with cutlery and cooking utensils washed and put away. The dishwasher is to be emptied and the BBQ cleaned thoroughly. The bins are to be taken out and no excess rubbish is to be left on the premises. Additional cleaning and rubbish removal fees may apply. If, upon occupation, the property or contents failed to meet acceptable cleaning standards every endeavor will be made to rectify the problem. However, this shall not constitute grounds for cancellation or refund.
  5. General:
    Most properties are let WITHOUT LINEN – linen hire is available, and is a separate service to us; it must be arranged prior to arrival. Beach Bruns and Newberry are let with linen; however you must bring your own beach towels. The properties are fully self-contained and are to be self-serviced. No service cleans or starter kits are provided or available for any bookings.
  6. Property repairs:
    You agree to allow us or our Tradespeople access to enter the premises to arrange any necessary repairs. Any reported repairs will be rectified as soon as possible. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as trade’s person availability, repairs may be delayed. The agent accepts no responsibility for these unforeseen circumstances. No refunds or discounts apply in this circumstance.
  7. Breaches:
    A breach of any of the above conditions will permit the owner to refuse a key, amend the rental or immediately terminate the tenancy. NO refunds will be paid on terminated tenancies (with no refund given)
  8. Disability Access:
    For any properties that are advertised as Disability access are subject to confirmation. These properties are on ground floor, however do still have small step on entry.
  9. After Hours:
    An after-hours emergency telephone number is printed on the front door of the office. This is an EMERGENCY number only. Non-emergency call outs are subject to a fee starting at: $50-00.
  10. Refusal of bookings:
    The agent and owner have the right to refuse a booking at the agents discretion with no reason given.
  11. Changing of Terms and conditions:
    The agency has the right to change these terms and conditions at any given time. Once changed, the variations apply to bookings that have already accepted the previous terms and conditions.